In my chiropractors office hangs a small sign that reads, The Only Constant is Change. It is never more evident then now.

The school year has started. It’s a flurry of energy, excitement, and anticipation, along with to-do lists, meetings, and curriculum development.

There’s a constant battle between slowly introducing and re-introducing materials and expectations  (guided discoveries) with the urge to let the children loose.Every year I experiment with this balance.

However, this year, there is a palpable and visual presence of transformation quietly happening throughout the entire school.  Monarch eggs on milkweed leaves, caterpillars, and pupas changing all alongside the daily madness. This magical happening can be found on the milkweed plants in the school garden, MilkweedCutin the classrooms, the art studio and the office of SWS.


officePupaA teacher will burst into another class, “quick, come in my room, you can see the pupa dance!” At lunch, we, the teachers, usually eat and talk. Now, we pass around 10x loops trying to figure out if a caterpillar is hatching from the egg we found, or if it’s an aphid. These eggs are the size of a pinhead!

This weekend, Labor Day, four of us left the building with cardboard boxes filled with eggs, milkweed, caterpillars and pupas.

This summer we learned that by not feeding our little critters a fresh milkweed entrée daily, we essentially are affecting the equivalent of 10 years of their development. In the past, we would just load up the containers, but this year, we could not bear having the guilt of raising developmentally challenged butterflies, that possibly could not make the journey to Mexico.

While our behavior is bordering on fanatic, for the kids, everywhere they go, they are witness to the wonder. On the way to the bathroom, they might just chance upon a transformation. Daily, children and adults seek me out with joy radiating on their faces, to share something they have seen, that is happening, that happened.  I am doing the same thing back. For the teachers, I think we are possibly embodying what Jessica, an assistant teacher learned from her yoga teacher…

Becoming a human being rather than a human doing.

Imagine in this day and age authentically learning and teaching that.buttermargPupa