calder wire make

“If aesthetics fosters sensibilities and the ability for connecting things far removed from each other, and if learning takes place through new connections between disparate elements, then aesthetics can be an important activator for learning.” Vea Vecchi

Since returning to school in January, the atelier has been filled with wire. Spending long periods of time with a type of material is essential in the studio. Not only does one gain a sense of mastery and ability to manipulate and craft, but one gains a deep relationship with the process. Habits of mind develop, and languages begin to emerge…






I wanted the children to view the work of artist Alexander Calder. Slowly, I have been taking groups of children to the National Gallery to truly experience Calder’s grand and intimate mobiles, stabiles and wire works. With the help of parents Paromita, Trin, Amy, and Laura M., each child had a bag of varied types of wire and beads to express the impact of Alexander Calder’s work, as we sat amongst it. Viewing his large work, we returned to ideas of perspective, and I introduced questions of balance, shadow, and movement.





Loris Malaguzzi used to say that the work of a teacher is for ‘professional marvelers.’ The definition is truly beautiful; a message of hope for such a delicate profession.” Vea Vecchi

May we all (teachers, parents, and citizens) aspire to be ‘professional marvelers’ in this complex world of ours.