What makes me smile? What is important to me?


The Kindergarten Children with a community of support, finished their textile quilt at the end of May. It will be displayed for the month of June at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC. From there, it will be a gift to the school from the Kindergarten classes of 2010-2011. While I am in awe of this beautiful labor of love, I am struck by the quiet meaning of each square. The essence of being 5 and 6 resonates like a hymn in the voices of the children.

“Let me look upward

Into the branches of the towering oak

And know that it grew great and strong

Because it grew slowly and well”

(Wilferd Peterson)




PS  Thank you to the multitude of parents, grandparents, SWS staff, Textile Museum docents, and friends who helped to make this textile quilt not only a beautiful piece of art, but a testimony to connection, caring and kindness.